The Fisherman’s Villas Property Rules


Mind the environment – use local resources sensibly

Electricity: Koh Tao’s electricity is produced by local diesel generators. This production is neither good for the environment nor cheap. We therefore kindly ask you not to use more electricity than needed. Please turn of lights and air-con whenever you leave the villa.

Water: The climate with lengthy dry periods (most of the year) makes the villas’ own water supply in need to be topped up with a costly external supply that increases the electricity usage. Please turn off taps and care not waste water during your stay.

Respect the other residents in the community

The Fisherman’s Villas, at The Cape Shark community, aims to provide a peaceful and pleasant environment for all guests.  Please help by keeping the volume of noise and music low after 10 pm.


Respect our belongings

The weather is changing very quick in Thailan and we kindly ask you not to leave cusions out when you leave the house. Please close windows and  doors too.

To avoid mosquitos, close all windows and doors to the bedrooms at sunset and sunrise. Please also use mosquito repellent during day time and evening. Be careful when handling food in the house as any food left out mayl invite small ants to have a feast. Therefore, pack away any left over foods in plastic bags and in the fridge.

Personal safety and security

Koh Tao is a vacation destination so please exercise common sense with regards to personal safety and your belongings. You will find personal safety boxes in each villa to secure your valuables.

When away from your villas or at night, please remember to close and lock all windows and doors and secure any valuables.

The villa cannot accept any liability or any claim of any nature occurring in or outside the property arising from any incident.

Swimming pool etiquette

We cannot accept any liability for any injury caused as a result of the use of the pool. Please be careful to avoid injuries.

  • Use plastic instead of glass around pools
  • Refrain from running on wet slippery surfaces
  • Do not dive or jump into the pool
  • Avoid standing or sitting on the exposed outer pool edges, as some are extremely elevated
  • Do not leave your children unattended at any time

Misuse of property

The Fisherman’s Villas, at The Cape Shark is a private, law-abiding community. Illegal activities will be cause for immediate eviction by local police. The staff will reserve the right to interrupt service and evict guests due to noise complaints or any type of property abuse without a refund.

Loss or damages  

In the event of damage or loss, Guest must pay to The Fisherman’s villas discretion.

Force Majeure

The staff can advise or assist you with most issues. We cannot however accept, or be held responsible for any liable loss, damage or changes caused by Force Majeure:  including but not limited to strikes, floods, and closure of airports, weather conditions or any such natural or social event beyond our control.


We strongly recommend that each guest purchase or already have travel and liability insurance for the duration of your holiday. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects however caused.