About Us

We are the proud and happy owners of The Fisherman’s Villas. We are a married couple from a small island who feel very blessed to have found this beautiful and relaxing pearl on the southern edge of Koh Tao.

With me being a fisherman and my wife who was raised in a fisherman’s family to stay close to the sea is very much essential to us. This is true both when choosing a holiday destination and for calling a place our home. For several years our dream and vision were to find a holiday home in a beautiful setting, with an uncompromised sea view and a layout that would fit our large family.

In the past, we’ve had the opportunity to visit some very beautiful spots and houses around the world. However, none of them ever fit so perfect or gave us the urge return and call it our second home. Then, during a holiday in Thailand in 2011, we ended up on the island of Tao and more or less by chance stumbled on a plot and property viewing. As of faith, we immediately felt that this was what we’d been looking for all along!

Within that same year the building process of our first house, The Fisherman’s House, began. From the start this house consisted of two semi finished bungalows which we then had tied together via a large terrace and a pool. The end result is a charming villa with different floor levels. Our three adjacent, smaller houses; The Travelly House, The Sailfish House and The Red Snapper House, were all built in 2012-2013. And today The Fisherman’s Villas consists of four separate holiday houses in total.

We believe each of our villas is perfect for anyone who is looking for a nice, independent and comfortable living to use as a base from where to explore the island and its surrounding waters. After a day out and about, this is the retreat where you can wind down and enjoy the most breathtaking sunsets.

You may have figured, we absolutely adore our holiday home on Koh Tao. Because of this, we swap our, slightly chillier, native home in the North Sea for this tropical paradise in the Gulf of Siam several times a year. And as hosts of The Fisherman’s Villas our goal is to facilitate for our guests to enjoy this place as much as we do,

Please never feel shy to contact us. We’d like to wish you a varm welcome to us at Fisherman’s Villas!